Data collection

Data collection

Data loggers are devices that collect measurement data from different sensors in specified measurement intervals. They vary in the number of input channels, resolution (12bit, 16bit, 24 bit) and the kind of signal they are logging (i.e. Analogue inputs like voltage, resistance, current – digital inputs like pulses, frequency – bus-protocols like SDI-12, Modbus etc).

UP offers data logging solution based on two different philosophies:

  • wired connection between sensor and logger (C-Log-Series)

  • wireless connection between sensor and logger (Scatter100)

The loggers are accurate, reliable, low-powered and weatherproof. They are supplied complete with configuration and data-collection-software – if necessary together with power-supply (battery-exchange or solar-panel), GSM-modems and mounting accessories. Transmitted data may end-up in our WebVIS-solution for evaluation and monitoring.

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Datalogger | LoRaWAN

Item number : 02260aLDM-UP LoRaWAN-Outdoor node for Dendrometers

Outdoor LoRa dendrometer node LDM-UP with 4000mAh Li/SOCl2 battery and 4pol M12 socket.
Integrated 12 bit converter with a theoretical resolution of 6-25 µm and a reproducibility of 10-60 µm depending on the type of dentrometer.
The sensor node is preprogrammed.
Please order dendrometers separately!

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Item number : 02800Data logger CLOG (UP Loggers)

The CLOG-data logger series developed by UP is a versatile logger for special applications. Features:

  • very high resolution 0,1..0,5µV (essential for sapflow-measurement)
  • allows special control algorithms for CHD/NTG measurments / Irrigation etc
  • storage in transient-mode

The following versions are available yet:

  • Prosa-LOG (for sapflow-measurements),
  • Dendro-LOG (for dendrometers)
  • SDI-12 input to store up to 450 signals!
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Item number : 02906aScatter100

Scatter100 – the new wireless signal-transmission system. Base station consisting of receiver incl. SD-card. Incl. 12Vdc-connection- and transmission-cable. Comes with 12V/24Ah battery. To collect data from sensor-modules (for soilmoisture, dendrometers, rH/airtemp/CO2, SDI12). Max. range 1000m, Frequency: 868-870MH. Available with GSM/GPRS-Modem as well.

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Funkmodule LF_LT_CO2

Item number : 02907Scatter100 - SensorInterface

Scatter100-Sensorinterface for wireless-signal-transmission from soilmoisture-sensors, dendrometers etc. 

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Item number : 02910dScatter 100 - SDI12-Modul

Scatter100-SDI12 sensor-interface for connecting sensors with up to 10 SDI12 parameters (HydraProbeII, WXT520-weather-sensors etc). Needs mini-solar-panel with battery-pack.

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