TRANSLATE: Wir bieten Datenerfassungslösungen für Freiland- und Industrieanwendungen, von 1-400 Kanälen, für analoge, digitale, SDI-12 u.a. Signale - netzwerkfähig und stand-alone. Datenauslesen/-übertragen via USB-/RS-232-Schnittstelle oder per Funkmodem/GPRS.

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Item number : 02800Data logger CLOG (UP Loggers)

The CLOG-data logger series developed by UP is a versatile logger for special applications. Features:

  • very high resolution 0,1..0,5µV (essential for sapflow-measurement)
  • allows special control algorithms for CHD/NTG measurments / Irrigation etc
  • storage in transient-mode

The following versions are available yet:

  • Prosa-LOG (for sapflow-measurements),
  • Dendro-LOG (for dendrometers)
  • SDI-12 input to store up to 450 signals!
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Item number : 02906aScatter100

Scatter100 – the new wireless signal-transmission system. Base station consisting of receiver incl. SD-card. Incl. 12Vdc-connection- and transmission-cable. Comes with 12V/24Ah battery. To collect data from sensor-modules (for soilmoisture, dendrometers, rH/airtemp/CO2, SDI12). Max. range 1000m, Frequency: 868-870MH. Available with GSM/GPRS-Modem as well.

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