Meaurement Systems

We offer Measurement systems consisting of data-aquistion (datalogger, wired or wireless) and sapflow-sensors, dendrometers or meteorological sensors and evaluation to fit your requirements, including power-supply and data-transmission via GSM, TCP/IP etc.

Tell us your requirements and we will work out a detailed solution for you.



"Measure what is measurably, make measurable what is not!" (Galileo Galilei)

Based on this approach we put together our product-range - and you are more than welcome to ask for solutions that are not yet available  - we will help to develop a solution for your requirements.

We have experience in enquiring and working in different research- and development-projects funded by the EU (i.e. Gezonde Kas) or German institutions.



We offer turn-key solutions for the measurement of different plantphysiological parameters as well as the related services (installation, launching, maintenance and repair).

Leasing, trade-in and offering second-hand products are part of our business-modell. Tell us your requirements and we will be pleased to send you an offer.


The Scatter100 signal-transmission system

The Scatter100 – our new wireless signal-transmission system for in- and outdoor use. Philosophy: each sensor is connected to a sensor-module (or is already inserted in such a module) that transmits sensor-data wirelessly to the Base-Unit. The sensor-modules are able to store data in case it can't be transmitted to the base-unit. The base station consists of a receiver incl. SD-card. Incl. 12Vdc-connection- and transmission-cable, it comes with 12V/24Ah battery. Multiple sensor-modules for soilmoisture-sensors, dendrometers, rH/airtemp/CO2, SDI12 etc are available). Max. range 1000m, Frequency: 868-870MH. Available with GSM/GPRS-Modem as well.